Project DIANYA in Smart Innovation Synposium (SIS 2022)

MEDICAL WASTE S.A. had the honor to participate in the Smart  Innovation Symposium (SIS 2021): “Research and innovation in SMEs”, which was organized with great success by Sympraxis Group and  Hellenic Mediterranean University in Markos  Karanastasis Hall in Heraklion on October 21, 2022.

The subject of the conference was to present research, as well as results of Small and Medium Enterprises  (SMEs) efforts,  financed by European and National funds.

DIANYA project: “On-site integrate management of hospital wastewater”  was presented by Mr. E. Karagiannis, Chemical Engineer and General Manager of MEDICAL WASTE SA.

The goal of the event was to exchange experiences between companies on their  research activities, financial tools they reclaimed as well as,  their approaches to innovation from business perspective.