Project DIANYA at InnoDays 2022 in Crete International Exhibition Center

MEDICAL WASTE SA had the honor to participate in InnoDAYS 2022,, which was held by Region of Crete at Crete International Exhibition Center, on November 25-27, 2022.

MEDICAL WASTE SA was setup at B27 stand to present a portable advanced oxidation pilot unit (UV-H2O2 heterogeneous photocatalysis) for pretreatment of toxical hospital wastewater, in the scope of DIANYA project “On-site integrate management of hospital wastewater”.

The pilot unit for the on-site treatment of highly toxical hospital waste applies an oxidation technology (UV-H2O2 heterogeneous photocatalysis), has a processing capacity of 100 L/d of pharmaceutical-laden hospital liquid waste for the pretreatment of a specific wastewater stream (e.g. liquid chemotherapy waste).